Wedding Dance In Bridal Gown

Weddings are ceremonies that linger on the minds of people for long. They’re highly video recorded, photographed and talked about for long after they’re over.

Some grooms and brides involve the whole wedding party in a dance preparation that has to do with hours of practice at a dance studio. 

The event is a celebration, hence it involves a lot of dancing, and that is why people look forward to the reception – because that is where they drink, eat and dance. The best way to make it fun is to incorporate unique touches to your dance moves to keep guests smiling and talking about it long after the dance. 

Dancing is actually doing movements that bring you joy, but it is necessary to be able to do it effortlessly in your bridal gown and still look good. If you want to make your wedding dance memorable, here is how you can go about it:

Pick a garment made of breathable materials, to prevent you from sweating much. This is particularly important if you’re getting married outdoors – in hot temperature.

However, some wedding dresses come with this unbreathable layer under them. Hence, you can ask your seamstress to remove and replace that layer.

Make sure your dress fits properly, particular around your hip and waist, so that it doesn’t fall down or slide up as you dance. 

Pick the right shape and style of bridal gown. Not all silhouettes are equal in flexibility or how they function. Ball gowns and A-line dresses give you the space and circumference to move freely, whereas trumpet, light fitted and mermaid gowns are more restrictive.

Practice your dance based on the kind of wedding dress you’re wearing. It is important to let your choreographers know the kind of gown you’ll be wearing, whether it’s form fitting, flowing or ballroom; as this will help them create a dance move that’ll compliment your gown.

For instance, if you’ll be putting on a mermaid gown, you have to learn taking shorter steps, because the silhouette can limit the movement of your legs, whereas, you’ll have to practice longer steps if you’re wearing a full dress since you’ll have lots of materials between you.

If your wedding dress has a train, ensure it has well fitted bustles that are well secured and are comfortable using them. One wrong move can damage the dress.

Practice hard. While at it, practice your wedding dance with your wedding shoes on. This will give you a chance to know how exactly the shoes will feel while dancing in them, and give you a chance to get comfortable dancing in them.

Also practice dancing with your wedding dress, so you can modify any dance move that doesn’t feel right.

Enjoy every one of your dance moves on your special day.