How To Match Your Wedding Dress With Your Jewelry

Congrats. It’s finally the day to ditch that engagement ring for a proper wedding ring. It’s your day and you need to feel, look and live it as that; your day.

Your wedding dress will certainly be the thing to remember. So you need to pick the best. While the gown/dress is the highlight to elegance, you must compliment it with the right jewelry. So, after deciding between a bridal gown and a wedding dress, your next stop is the jewelry store.

The gown you choose should guide you on the jewelry you wear, because of the neckline and the color of the dress. It is a cardinal sin for a necklace to fall on a dress.

So, a strapless wedding dress should have a necklace about halfway between the collarbone and gown neckline. It is easy to chose this because whether simple or thick, anything is right here.

If donning a sweetheart gown, a simple necklace is preferable, possibly a pendant. A halter neckline does not need a necklace, but you should compliment this this with elegant dangling earrings.

You may add a pearl or loose diamond bracelets to the attire of the day, suggests Rice Village Diamonds to their bride customers. With a wedding dress with straight neckline, small earrings would give the best looks. A V-neck gown is more formal and this means you need to simplify the necklace, as well as reduce the size of the earrings.

The earrings could be dangling, but not too long. Another important aspect you need to check out is the color match.

If you opt for the more common bright white wedding dress, you need to keep the jewelry light. You may chose between pearl and platinum. Try this if you have a darker skin tone.

A champagne white dress can go with rose gold or yellow gold jewelry. If you opt for ivory white, your dress will possibly have cream undertones that perfectly blend in with white or rose gold.

This jewelry also blends well with a candlelight gown. If you are looking to go against the norm and opt for ecru, the jewelry should be white or yellow gold. 

Finally, you have to look at the overall appearance. The pieces of jewelry on the arms and the necklace and the earrings must give a complete look.

So, don’t just look around and imagine you would look good. Try them on, all at once, and appraise your looks thoroughly.