A Wedding Cake Topper In The Shape Of Your Wedding Dress

When you think of a wedding, what springs to your mind? If you’re like most people, you’ll think about rings, a white dress, tasteful suits, and a multi-tiered cake. While weddings can depart from these norms, if you want a traditional wedding, you’ll probably incorporate all of these elements.

Planning your ceremony involves a lot of decisions. One of the things you have the most control over is your cake. You get to choose how many tiers it has (if any), what it tastes like, and how it’s decorated. If you elect for a multi-tiered design, you’ll get the choice to include a wedding cake topper.

Many couples choose to use figurines to top this cake. These figures prominently display a miniature representation of your marital union atop a beautiful, edible stage. In other words, they remind everyone why they’re there whenever they look at your delicious wedding cake.

It’s usually not hard to find a topper that matches the groom. After all, men’s fashion at all weddings is pretty much predictable. When it comes to the bride’s figure, however, there’s a bit more subtlety.

Finding a wedding cake topper in the shape of a wedding dress is easy, but finding one in the shape of the correct dress is not. Since there are dozens of styles of wedding dress and dozens of individual variations within those styles, you’ll want to start looking for an appropriate bridal figure well before your wedding starts.

Naturally, this means you’ll have to have picked out a dress first, too. Be sure to start looking at wedding dresses early in the planning process. Your wedding dress will have a strong impact on the theme of your wedding, and you’ll want to make sure that all of your flowers, decorations, and other choices mesh well with your bridal gown’s design.

It’s fun to look at lots of dresses (and you should), but you should also make sure you have plenty of time for all of your other choices. Your cake will be the subject of many pictures, posted to many social media accounts.

Finding a wedding cake topper in the shape of your wedding dress will ensure that everyone gets to see a beautiful representation of your wedding ceremony in each and every one of those pictures.

Some of them will include you in them, too. You’ll give your friends and family lots of wonderful memories. Using a wedding cake topper in the shape of your wedding dress ensures that the wedding remains about you and your spouse.

You’ll set up a miniature homage to your love in a delicious place that will be sure to attract lots of compliments. It’s a great way to tie everything together and keep things looking great.