Planning The Wedding Dress Photoshoot

Your wedding photos are among the most important parts of this major event. These pictures will last a lifetime and thus, they should expertly capture the emotions of the moment, the beauty of your wedding gown, the gorgeous decor of your venue, and much, much more.

However, to ensure that your wedding album is absolutely perfect, there are several things that you should do ahead of your big day. 

Most brides spend several weeks or even months trying on wedding dresses in search of the ideal wedding gown. Surprisingly, however, few couples invest the same amount of time and energy into their wedding photography plans.

After you’ve identified the best photographer for your budget and your needs, you’ll want to work closely with them to outline your goals, learn the layout of your venue, and make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of overall expectations. 

The very first step in these efforts is to tour your venue together. Most local wedding photography studios are already familiar with the top wedding venues.

If your photographer has never experienced this location firsthand, be sure to schedule a tour with the venue manager.

This will allow your provider to assess the challenges of the location, identify the best photography equipment for the environment, and start planning on how to stage shots when your actual day arrives. 

A good photographer will have an impressive collection of high-end photography equipment as well as plenty of ways to create different photo looks.

For instance, you might want some of your wedding photographs in black and white, with other pictures in sepia tones. A seasoned professional can make recommendations based upon the color of your wedding gown, your wedding theme, the natural backdrop, the amount of people in your party, and various structural features throughout your venue.

He or she can also explain the strengths and weaknesses of different equipment types, so that you can make informed decisions concerning how your cumulative wedding album is shot and put together. 

If your budget will accommodate it, ask your wedding photographer to bring two separate shooters in for your big day. With two photographers on hand, you’ll have the absolute best ability to get all of the couples and group photos that you want.

You’ll also have the benefit of two different artistic styles. One photographer might take pictures from a specific vantage point, while the other may have very different ideas about framing shots. This will ultimately allow for a much more diverse and visually appealing range of images overall.