Finding Wedding Dress Matching Your Wedding Jewelry

Ever since we were kids, we all had fantasies about our wedding day and we had little games we played with drapes as wedding attiresEveryone wants each detail of their wedding to be perfect and memorable for many more years – the location, attire, engagement rings, floral arrangements, food and other details of the wedding must be impeccable.

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Bridal jewelry is equally important and shouldn’t be overlooked. It is very important to make sure bridal jewelry is given utmost consideration because when used correctly, jewelry brings out the beauty of whoever wears it.

It doesn’t matter if it is the hottest in designer jewelry or an old family heirloom, your bridal jewelry requires a lot of attention. Most wedding jewelry at the jewelry store today are trademarks of consistent reinvention and creative innovation in terms of style, technique and design.

From pieces made out of mesmerizing rhinestone, and elegant pearls to traditional gold and loose diamonds, brides these days are free to pick from an impressive range of designs and jewels. All of these just increase the importance of caution when picking the perfect jewelry for your bridal gown. 

While picking your bridal jewelry, there are a few wedding dress factors you need to consider critically including, its color and fabric style. Silver or platinum based jewelry will be ideal for a completely white wedding gown, while gold or pearls on the other hand will be perfect on ivory gowns.

For wedding dresses with brighter colors, consider going for accessories with rhinestone or precious gems while lace dresses should go with classic pearls. Also, wedding gowns with more distinguished color can also be complimented with cubic zircon jewelry.

According to Robsons Diamond Jewelers, another important factor you need to think about when getting your bridal jewelry is the shape of your neckline. For example, V neck dresses need lengthy necklaces or drop pendants, strap-less and sleeveless gowns on the other hand call for chokers or short necklaces.

If you’re the perfectionist bride, you can go the extra mile and make sure that your jewelry and wedding gown have similar finishing to adequately deliver the perfect match.

Bridal jewelry is very valuable, irrespective of its price, because you’ll be cherishing it all your life, and maybe pass it down to your children. With that in mind, you need to take to each of the factors listed above when purchasing your jewelry.

It’s probably the only way your dress and jewelry can make that perfect match. On a final note, your personality should additionally influence your bridal jewelry choice to ensure you’re happy.

How To Match Your Wedding Dress With Your Jewelry

Congrats. It’s finally the day to ditch that engagement ring for a proper wedding ring. It’s your day and you need to feel, look and live it as that; your day.

Your wedding dress will certainly be the thing to remember. So you need to pick the best. While the gown/dress is the highlight to elegance, you must compliment it with the right jewelry. So, after deciding between a bridal gown and a wedding dress, your next stop is the jewelry store.

The gown you choose should guide you on the jewelry you wear, because of the neckline and the color of the dress. It is a cardinal sin for a necklace to fall on a dress.

So, a strapless wedding dress should have a necklace about halfway between the collarbone and gown neckline. It is easy to chose this because whether simple or thick, anything is right here.

If donning a sweetheart gown, a simple necklace is preferable, possibly a pendant. A halter neckline does not need a necklace, but you should compliment this this with elegant dangling earrings.

You may add a pearl or loose diamond bracelets to the attire of the day, suggests Rice Village Diamonds to their bride customers. With a wedding dress with straight neckline, small earrings would give the best looks. A V-neck gown is more formal and this means you need to simplify the necklace, as well as reduce the size of the earrings.

The earrings could be dangling, but not too long. Another important aspect you need to check out is the color match.

If you opt for the more common bright white wedding dress, you need to keep the jewelry light. You may chose between pearl and platinum. Try this if you have a darker skin tone.

A champagne white dress can go with rose gold or yellow gold jewelry. If you opt for ivory white, your dress will possibly have cream undertones that perfectly blend in with white or rose gold.

This jewelry also blends well with a candlelight gown. If you are looking to go against the norm and opt for ecru, the jewelry should be white or yellow gold. 

Finally, you have to look at the overall appearance. The pieces of jewelry on the arms and the necklace and the earrings must give a complete look.

So, don’t just look around and imagine you would look good. Try them on, all at once, and appraise your looks thoroughly.

Important Tips On Finding The Best Wedding Dress

Your wedding is a memorable part of your life. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of love. Thus, you have to look perfect on your wedding day so that you can easily impress your partner, family members, friends, and royal guests. Needless to mention, your wedding dress is the centerpiece of your entire wedding outfit. In fact, it’s the very first thing that your guests will immediately notice once you gracefully step into the wedding venue.

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Splendid wedding dresses can transform you into a stunning, glamorous, and beautiful bride. But, how to find your ideal wedding dress? For your reference, this article will reveal some important tips on finding the best wedding dress.

Plan well before you start shopping. Wedding shopping can become extremely cumbersome if you do not have any idea about what you actually want.

Therefore, do your homework well. For example, you should look through fashion pamphlets, vogue magazines, online bridal stores, websites, and catalogs for exclusive wedding gown designs. 

Alternatively, you can directly contact a wedding dress designer. A wedding dress designer possesses profound experience and expertise in making custom wedding gowns.

Moreover, the designer will help you in choosing the right style, material, design, and color of your wedding dress. For an instant, you’ll have to choose between contemporary and traditional designs, styles, fabrics, and colors options in order to find the ideal wedding gown.

Before you shop, it is also recommended to determine the maximum budget that you can afford to spend on your wedding dress. Note, wedding gowns may range greatly in price. Therefore, you should clearly communicate and consult with the bridal store associate about your budget preference before buying a wedding gown.

A wedding dress should be perfectly suitable for the weather and venue. Plus, it should also reflect your physique, figure, and style. 

Breezy lightweight fabric materials are widely used for warm weather and outdoor weddings. Whereas, velvet, layered wedding gowns, and while satin materials are used in winter. The strapless gown is a traditional favorite which suits most women.

If you’re tall and slender, pick a wedding dress which fits you well and amplifies your curves. If you’re short, then you should strictly avoid wedding dresses with heavy fabric and too many layers as this will make you look even shorter.

For women with full figures, a tight fitting wedding dress can be worth considering. But, you may easily get confused with these aforementioned options available.

Therefore, it’s recommended to contact and consult with an experienced wedding dress designer who’ll pick the right wedding gown that fits you comfortably and looks flattering.

5 Questions To Guide You As You Select Your Wedding Dress

Roman Sting One of the most important items that you will have to pick for your wedding day is the wedding dress. Like most brides, you are most definitely stranded on where to begin.

That is why we are here! we have come up with several questions that will guide you through this process. If you can answer them all confidently then you have the right wedding dress!

#1 Is it Within Your Budget?

Yes, you want that gorgeous wedding dress that you saw in your favorite fashion magazine but is it within your budget? Different wedding dresses come at different prices depending on the fabric and style.

Some will require that you purchase additional accessories to be able to pull off a complete look. And some of these factors can inflate your budget so they need careful consideration with your budget in mind.

#2 Does it Match Your Body Shape?

Do you want to look good on your wedding day? Then go for a wedding dress that complements your body shape! This will ensure that you are not only comfortable throughout your wedding ceremony but also get to take pictures you will be proud of very many years down the road.

For instance, if you have that neat hourglass shape then the best wedding dress for you is either the sheath or mermaid wedding dress. The good thing is that, if you have any difficulties in establishing your body shape you can have the people at the bridal store help you out.

#3 How Far is Your Wedding?

Wedding dresses vary in style and complexity. And this means that the time it takes to make each of them also varies. Thus, before you settle on a wedding dress you need to consider the date of your wedding. If your wedding is quite far, you can go for a complex wedding dress that will take time to make. “Especially if you are going for a custom made dress which normally takes between 3- 6 months to make”, says head designer at Winnie Couture, Houston-based high-end bridal store.

But if your wedding is close then you need to consider the option of a ready-made wedding dress that can be altered to fit your needs. Having this in mind will ensure that you get your wedding dress on time.

#4 Is It Comfortable On You?

Depending on your plans, your wedding ceremony can be a whole day affair. And since you will mostly be wearing your wedding dress throughout you need to ensure that it is very comfortable. The best way to approach this is to ensure that you try out the wedding dress several times before the actual day.

First, try it out to ensure it comes in a comfortable design before you purchase it. Then try it on again several days before the wedding to ensure that it is still comfortable. Doing this will give you enough time to request for final adjustments on it for a comfortable fit before the big day.

#5 Does It Work For The Venue Of Your Wedding?

The location you choose to have your wedding should also play an important role in determining the wedding dress you settle for. For instance, if you choose to have a beach wedding go for a wedding dress that is made of a light material like linen with very few layers to ensure you don’t end up sweaty. In this case, a ball gown won’t work for you at all yet it will work perfectly if you settle for an indoor wedding like a church wedding.

So next time you go to the bridal store to select that gorgeous wedding dress of your dreams have all these factors in mind. Ensure that it is within your budget, it complements your body shape, it is comfortable and also works well with the location of your wedding. All the best!

How To Showcase Your Wedding Dress Photography Session

What is a wedding dress photography session? Basically, it’s a photo session that focuses on the bride (and groom) featuring her wedding dress and takes place about two months before the actual wedding day.

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Wedding dress photography session or bridal sessions offers the couple the right opportunity to exclusively showcase themselves in their wedding gown and suit without the intrusion of other guests.

Normally, the session takes place about six weeks before the wedding date to give the photographer enough time to process the images, in case you want to display or review them on your wedding day. 

There are tons of benefits provided by a proper bridal session to couples. Usually, there are guests swarming around on the wedding day barely giving the couple some alone time, but during the bridal session, it’s just two people – the bride and the groom.

Also, relieving yourself of the usual emotional pulls and stress that are common on wedding day makes you more flexible and natural in the images from a bridal session. 

Additionally, these sessions, unlike the usual wedding photography, offer you a wider range and variety of images to include in your final album. The best and hottest photo albums usually have some images from many different locations to give it more perception and color.

Should you really get a wedding dress photography session/bridal session?

Whether you just want to showcase your wedding gown one more time or you are looking for ways to look extremely good with your fiancé in your images, then a wedding dress photography session will be perfect. 

However, it’s not all about being vogue. Most couples decide to go for bridal sessions when they just can’t churn out enough time for satisfyingly much photos on the wedding day. 

It’s also a wonderful option if you are seeking to include another unique location other than your ceremony and reception in your album.

Probably, the weather is looking somewhat gray, or you are getting inclined to shoots that feature architectural/urban styles instead of an overly natural environment. 

Fortunately, most bridal sessions are pretty affordable and barely limited to a set of couples or location; depending on the photographer anyway. 

To wrap it up, a bridal session is not just for getting exclusiveness, or capturing the couple in their polished, pimped and gorgeous looks, but it’s likewise an opportunity to try out your wedding day look.

Most brides who have a bridal session usually end up improving or changing something about their original wedding day look. 

Wedding Dresses Matching The Mood Of Your Wedding Venue

Wedding is one of the major highlights of a woman’s life. Very few people get to experience it twice and even fewer see the day more than twice. Every bride should look as stunning and beautiful as possible on Moving forward, a bride’s wedding dress plays a major role in her overall look at the wedding venue and should strive to score perfection on the wedding day.

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Over time, fashion has witnessed a lot of changes and innovation, differing from country to country. However, all over the world and as long as most people remember – white gowns with unique fabric adornment and styles have consistently been the popular choice of brides.

But you need to understand that this is not the only choice. These days there is much more diversity in wedding dresses.

White wedding dresses or gowns are to symbolize purity in the bride and generally look very cute and beautiful on every bride irrespective of height, stature or color. Also, as stated earlier, it is an expected and very popular choice of color, so you might want to think twice before going with a different wedding dress color.

Nevertheless, there are still a variety of other wedding gown colors you might like. Sometimes, you might just find a bride looking absolutely gorgeous in a pale pink or even bright red, emerald and blue wedding gown.

If you really want to look unique and distinguished on your wedding day, you can consider one of these colors and attach a fitting style to it.

Budget is another important factor to consider when picking a wedding gown for your venue. You need to keep your desired wedding dress picture within your budget so you won’t be slapped with disappointment when shopping for it.

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Fortunately, there are lots of options and styles for different prices; you just have to widen your shopping prospect.

Lastly and very importantly, your wedding theme should largely determine your wedding dress. In case you are having an outdoor event during the summer, you might want to pick a dress that’s cooler and lighter.

On the other hand, if you’re having a formal wedding reception in a classy hall or somewhere similar, you should consider going for a flashy gown that dazzles the eye.

In conclusion, have fun, be patient and cautious when picking a wedding gown that suits your venue.

A wedding dress is probably one of the most important preparation elements for your wedding celebration, so be careful enough to make a perfect and satisfying choice.

5 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Before you step into a bridal store, you need to have all the basics and details of the right gown you want so as to make your day memorable. These should be integrated into your tastes and preferences as well as the expectations for your wedding day. Remember, at the end of the day, you need a wedding day that will go down your memory lane.

Below are some of the tips to use when shopping for your wedding dress:
1. Shop for Your Body

While trying out several dresses, pay less attention to your body weight and focus more on the frame and shape of your body. Weight is a changing factor and may reduce especially in stressful situations. Don’t use it as a shopping factor. Instead, focus on getting a dress that accentuates your most adorable features and makes you feel gorgeous.

2. Satisfy your likes and desires

Go for a dress that carries majority of your likes. Additionally, have a whole picture of your wedding day in mind as you go shopping. This may include the season, the venue and the expected audience at your wedding. All these should be reflected in your dress theme. Don’t go for silhouettes and fabrics that may end up ruining your day. For example, a light dress will be better than a bulky heavy gown for a midday beach wedding.

3. Pay attention to recommendations by the salon

By the time you go shopping, your mind may be flooded by several options. Your choice may further be complicated by the large display in the bridal store. At this point, it is advisable to have an open mind, lay off your preconceived notions and take advice from the vendor. Remember the vendor is also a fashion expert and knows what is fit for your body size and shape as well as the occasion.

4. Shop for a gown that fits now

Even if you have plans to work on your fitness and health before your wedding day, your body size and type may not completely change in the short-run. Additionally, it is much easier and less expensive to take a dress that comfortably fits your body size than try to fit into a small dress. This may end up making you uncomfortable and instead ruin your day.

5. Your dress should mingle well with your accessories

Many bridal stores have several suggestions of slips and shoes to match your gown. To add on this, you should have well-fitting and matching underwear and bra. Avoid accessories that color clash with your gown. For example, having a black bra in a white and light gown may look so unfashionable.