5 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Before you step into a bridal store, you need to have all the basics and details of the right gown you want so as to make your day memorable. These should be integrated into your tastes and preferences as well as the expectations for your wedding day. Remember, at the end of the day, you need a wedding day that will go down your memory lane.

Below are some of the tips to use when shopping for your wedding dress:
1. Shop for Your Body

While trying out several dresses, pay less attention to your body weight and focus more on the frame and shape of your body. Weight is a changing factor and may reduce especially in stressful situations. Don’t use it as a shopping factor. Instead, focus on getting a dress that accentuates your most adorable features and makes you feel gorgeous.

2. Satisfy your likes and desires

Go for a dress that carries majority of your likes. Additionally, have a whole picture of your wedding day in mind as you go shopping. This may include the season, the venue and the expected audience at your wedding. All these should be reflected in your dress theme. Don’t go for silhouettes and fabrics that may end up ruining your day. For example, a light dress will be better than a bulky heavy gown for a midday beach wedding.

3. Pay attention to recommendations by the salon

By the time you go shopping, your mind may be flooded by several options. Your choice may further be complicated by the large display in the bridal store. At this point, it is advisable to have an open mind, lay off your preconceived notions and take advice from the vendor. Remember the vendor is also a fashion expert and knows what is fit for your body size and shape as well as the occasion.

4. Shop for a gown that fits now

Even if you have plans to work on your fitness and health before your wedding day, your body size and type may not completely change in the short-run. Additionally, it is much easier and less expensive to take a dress that comfortably fits your body size than try to fit into a small dress. This may end up making you uncomfortable and instead ruin your day.

5. Your dress should mingle well with your accessories

Many bridal stores have several suggestions of slips and shoes to match your gown. To add on this, you should have well-fitting and matching underwear and bra. Avoid accessories that color clash with your gown. For example, having a black bra in a white and light gown may look so unfashionable.